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1:1 Sessions for Top Flight Professional Sports People & Competing Athletes

   1:1 Sessions for Actors,       Musicians, Dancers &     Other Performers     

Group Sessions for Team   Sports Performance    (Adult & Children)

Weekly Classes for Anyone Seeking to Improve Their Sport & Performance

Lightbulb Performance Solutions offers a powerful, proven formula of Solution Focused Brain Training for Sport and Performance.

Discover how to harness “The Neuroscience of Winning”!

Brain Training with Lightbulb Performance Solutions can help you to achieve your sporting goals and       performance career dreams.  

Learn how to zone in to win!

* Set your goals

* Sharpen your focus

* Perfect your skills

* See yourself winning

* Immerse to achieve

* Ignite your destiny

Participants will also see these benefits become positively noticeable in their home life, their work / college / school life as well as in their social life and personal relationships!

It is well known that professional sporting teams and performers often use psychologists to help their players gain that all important advantage and Brain Training with Lightbulb Performance Solutions may be crucial in providing that all important edge to help you improve your performance.

We all possess what we metaphorically call a ‘stress bucket’.  When our bucket fills up, then our ability to concentrate on our game or performance can suffer.

Brain Training can help a client empty their ‘stress bucket’ through harnessing the power of positive thinking and using trance – which is a safe and natural process.

Reducing that stress bucket load is vital, as it’ll help your mind to be focused on what you want to achieve and help you to think like a winner!

EG That ability to push yourself forward at Mile 20 of a 26.2 mile marathon or to go beyond any perceived barrier on any field or stage can hinge on your   ability to be able to think in a positive way and that comes down to engaging that all important “can do” mindset!

Brain Training isn’t just useful for runners or team players, a number of professional boxers have also been known to embrace these positive solution focused visualisation techniques to help them achieve that all important advantage over their opponent.

Brain Training can also help improve your golf handicap by adding a dimension to your personal focus as well as by reducing general and competitive stress.

If you are looking to help yourself to improve your game, or if you are looking to generally improve aspects of your life, then contact Lightbulb Performance Solutions to see how Brain Training could work for you!

Watch and listen to how Leigh Halfpenny mentally prepares for and visualises his kicks...

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