Here are just some of the lovely testimonials we have received...

"The 1:1 Brain Training for Elite Sports Performance at Lightbulb Performance Solutions is the reason I'm in the college first team now!  Next goal is county and then a Welsh Students place and I feel more and more confident, I can see it!" (John, aged 21, College Rugby Player)

"I can slow the game down more when I get the ball.  I seem to be more aware of what is going on and what is going to happen next.  I can pick my passes and place my shots far more accurately since I learnt the visualisation techniques! I'm already booked onto the next level of Brain Training classes!" (Tim, aged 10, Grassroots & Academy Football Player)

"The Brain Training Classes with Lightbulb Performance Solutions have really helped Josh (aged 11) with not just his football and skiing, but also with his school work.  We've all noticed the difference at home too - he is much happier and sleeps so much better.  This week, he won his ski-ing competition and was streets ahead of the others.  His football is much sharper, and he knows your classes have helped!  We'll be booking him back in once this block of sessions is up!"  (Mark, Josh's Dad and No.1 Fan)

"I finally performed my perfect pirouette live on stage after visualising it as you taught me in The Brain Training classes!  I saw it before I went into the move...I felt it as I was turning and I landed perfectly - it was so graceful and it felt wonderful!  I'm coming back for more." (Amanda, aged 12, Ballet Dancer)

"It’s difficult for an actor to confess that performance anxiety has become an issue. It can creep up in a career no matter the experience and can often reflect a general anxiety and ultimately a lack of trust in oneself. The Penarth Practice / Lightbulb Performance Solutions not only provided a warm and         welcoming environment for me to open up about my issue,  they also listened without judgement or   intrusive analysis into the whys and wherefores that brought me to that point. They took me, there and then, as I was, allowing me to tell my version of events in my own words and at my own pace. And then the magic happened!  With such gentleness, kindness and an incredible toolkit for helping me reset my thought processes, they reprogrammed, over a number of sessions, the most important relationship anyone can have: the one we have with ourselves. It sounded at the time, too simple to be true but it works and I can say that after a lifetime of unacknowledged bubbling anxiety, that was with me as a young child in infants school, I am now so much happier, calmer and more productive!  Brain Training with The Penarth Practice / Lightbulb Performance Solutions helped me get out of my own way and I wholeheartedly thank them for that amazing gift." (Jane, UK Actress)

“As an actor and musician, I usually embrace the stresses, anxieties and pre-show nerves of the job but sometimes they overflow.  When The Penarth Practice / Lightbulb Performance Solutions explained how the brain works and how we can fill our stress bucket, causing our primitive brain to take over and run away with things, I now have a coping mechanism.  Now, once I recognise that I am stressed, I simply turn the dial back to my intellectual brain and I find myself calm, relaxed and confident.  I simply love the positive language used and really live the affirmations while in Hypnosis and while playing the CD. There is an air of gentle authoritative care!” (Simon, Actor & Musician)

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